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Techamor – Blackhead Peel off Mud Facial Mask 120ml (4.2 fl.oz)


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 black peel, mud mask, facial peel

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REMOVING BLACKHEADS & ACNE — Contains natural quality bamboo charcoal active factor, Easily penetrate deep pores, Help to remove blackheads and acne from your pores, thoroughly absorb and purify your pore dirt.
UNCLOG YOUR PORES & OIL CONTROL — Deeply cleansing your facial stubborn stain, unclog your pores and control the oil balance of the skin, Make your skin feel fresh, whitening and healthy, give you a wonderful feeling.
DOUBLE NOURISHING TENDER SKIN — 100% Pure natural aloe plant extract and glycerine, Reducing skin irritation and improving dry and rough skin, keep skin hydrated and soft.
DEAD SKIN REMOVE & TIGHTEN SKIN — Help clean up facial aging keratin, remove dead skin and reduce wrinkles, so rejuvenate the cells and tighten skin, give you a delicate and smooth experience.
BEFORE USING TESTING — Before using, please test your skin at your wrist or behind your ears about 15 minutes. If there is no allergic reaction, please continue to use it. Easy to apply and wait for the mask to be completely dry. Peel off to perform daily facial mask care.


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