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L’Oreal Professional Volume Inflator Powder-In-Spray – 250ml


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Spray with mineral powder
This volume spray has a particularly high concentration of mineral powder for more volume and grip. Her hair gets instant approach volume and can be styled through the new grip better. The volume is long-lasting and the perfect basis for voluminous hairstyles the hold. It can spread particularly well by the triple diffuser. An incomparable powder-in spray for natural-looking, as well as intense and long-lasting approach volume and 3D volume in only a few spray strokes.
-high concentration of mineral powder
-more volume and grip
-Instant approach volume
-Triple diffuser
Shake can before and between the applications well. Spray on dry hair and uniform sections applying to all sections of the hair, where volume and hold are desired. The excess powder brush, to a 100% natural result to get.


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