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Double Electric Wax Heater – 5L


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HD2328, Wax warmer, double wax warmer


The melted wax that is placed in the equipment can flow from the upper pot to the bottom pot so the wax maintains heated.
The user can adjust the temperature according to his preferences.

Voltage / operating frequency AC (220-240V/50Hz)
Power 500 W
External dimensions W 50 x D 24.5 x H 24.5 cm
Inner dimensions 17.5 x H 13.3 cm
Capacity 2 recipients of each 2500 ml
Maximum temperature 105ºC

Data sheet
Type of warmer: Hot wax
Power: 500W
Thermostat: 0-105ºC
Extras: Metal filter
Capacity: 5L

Using the equipment: 
1. Place the equipment on a flat surface.
2. Open the lid and put the depilatory wax in the upper pot. Place the pot in the upper reservoir and put the lid back on.
3. Connect the equipment to power and switch the equipment on. Turn the temperature control knob for the top pan clockwise until you reach the maximum temperature. The indicator light will turn red and the equipment starts working.
4. When the wax has melted and has moved from the highest pan to the lower pan, the wax is ready for use at a temperature in accordance to your preference.
5. Depilatory wax adheres to the hair more easily if the skin is cleaned thoroughly before application.
6. Apply the depilatory wax evenly on the skin in the direction of hair growth using a stick.
7. When the wax has dried, tear it off fast in the opposite direction of hair growth.
8. Clean the inside of the equipment and remove wax residues after each use, using a special cleansing product.


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