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WAHL 5 Star Lithium Finale Bump Free Shaver


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Please keep in mind that foil shavers (either double foil or single foil shavers) are not intended to shave hairs that are soft with medium or long length. Such hairs will simply be pressed down flat against the skin by the foil shaver and will not enter the foil holes to be properly cut. Foil shavers work best on very short stubble hair or freshly trimmed hair by a hair trimmer, because such stubble hair “sticks up” and naturally enters the foil holes as intended.


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More than just a shaver, the 5 Star Finale is the ultimate finishing tool!

The Finale is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can keep the rotary motor running at full speed for 90+ minutes per charge and works corded or cordless.

With hypoallergenic gold foil, even the most sensitive skin will be free of razor bumps, ingrown hairs, or skin irritation.

The 5 Star Finale is designed for finishing and blending bald fades, cleaning up hair and neck lines, eliminating stray hairs, and bump-free shaving!

The 5 Star Finale includes the finishing tool, foil guard, wall plug charger, automatic recharge stand, pre-shave brush, cleaning brush, and operating instructions.

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