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The Shave Factory Hard Wax Beans 500g BLACK

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The Shave Factory Hard Wax Beans 500 ml

✔ The hot wax beads from the shave factory are used for permanent hair removal of the legs, arms, cheeks, armpits and bikini zone.

✔This gives you smooth and gentle skin

✔ Hair removal wax without the use of strips

✔ For professional use


Use: Put the desired amount of wax into the shave factory wax heater until it is completely melted. Allow the wax to cool until it has reached a honey consistency. Ensure the area you want to wax is clean and dry.

Test the temperature of the wax in a small area.

Apply the wax with a spatula in a thickness of 1 mm to the hair in the direction of wax. After 3-4 seconds, lift the wax with two fingers and pull it parallel to the body in the opposite direction of hair growth with a single motion. Then clean your skin with the Shave Factory wax and massage oil.

After waxing, you should not go to the sea or pool for 2 hours.

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