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Schwarzkopf Professional Igora Royal Hair Color – Pearlescence


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– Stunning, Precise and Intense Color Results
– Absolute true-to-swatch results
– Up to 50% longer color retention*
– Up to 25% brighter color vibrancy**
– Fashion colors with up to 70% white hair coverage and with the highest vibrancy on coppers, reds and violets
– Perfect color equalization, even on porous hair
– The clearest lifting shades and advanced care, for maximum contrast & shine




Color has always been at the heart of what we do. Setting new standards in the market, IGORA ROYAL has given life to our partners‘ creativity – for over 50 years. This has always been our color commitment to you. Now is the time to for the next step in innovation. It is time to make our best – even better.




True color stands for maximum intensity and very clear & sharp tone directions. It means up to 100% perfect white hair coverage – even on thick & resistant hair. Stunning performance and 100% reliability characterize true color – even under challenging conditions.



IGORA ROYAL covers up to 100% white hair, delivers ultimate color retention and represents intense color vibrancy. IGORA ROYAL equalizes the color evenly – even on porous hair. Clearest lifting shades and advanced care* for maximized contrast and shine. With its absolute true-to-swatch results you will have 100% reliability for your daily work.


*advanced care achieved with 12% 40 Vol. IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer

Additional information

IGORA Pearlescence

11-74 Ultra Blonde Plus Tangerine, 11-89 Ultra Blonde Plus Coral, 4-50 Dark Brown Gold Natural, 4-60 Dark Brown Chocolate Natural, 4-70 Dark Brown Copper Natural, 4-80 Dark Brown Red/Violet Natural, 4-90 Black Red/Violet Natural, 5-50 Medium Brown Gold Natural, 5-60 Medium Brown Chocolate Natural, 5-70 Medium Brown Copper Natural, 5-80 Medium Brown Red/Violet Natural, 6-07 Age Blend Dark Brown, 6-23 Dark Blonde Emerald, 6-460 Age Blend Light Brown, 6-50 Light Brown Gold Natural, 6-580 Light Brown Age Blend, 6-60 Light Brown Chocolate Natural, 6-70 Light Brown Copper Natural, 6-80 Light Brown Red/Violet Natural, 6-89 Dark Blonde Magenta, 7-10 Medium Blonde Cendre Natural, 7-40 Medium Blonde Beige Natural, 7-450 Dark Blonde Age Blend, 7-50 Dark Blonde Gold Natural, 7-560 Dark Blonde Age Blend, 7-60 Dark Blonde Chocolate Natural, 7-70 Dark Blond Copper Natural, 7-710 Dark Blonde Age Blend, 8-01 Age Blend Light Blonde, 8-07 Age Blend Light Blonde, 8-140 Age Blend Medium Blonde, 8-50 Light Blonde Gold Natural, 8-60 Blonde Chocolate Natural, 9-10 Extra Light Blonde Cendre Natural, 9-40 Extra Light Blonde Beige Natural, 9-50 Extra Light Blonde Gold Natural, 9-560 Extra Light Blonde Age Blend, 9-60 Extra Light Blonde Chocolate Natural, 9.5-29 Pastel Lavender, 9.5-43 Pastel Mint, 9.5-74 Pastel Amber, 9.5-89 Pastel Candy

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