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Saryna Key Damage Repair – Pure African Shea Oil 110ml


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Hair type Dry
Material type free Paraben Free
Liquid volume 110 Milliliters
Item form Oil
Brand Saryna Key

Shea-Oil-formulated Damage Repair Treatment Oil offers a natural source of keratin for repairing your hair. Shea Oil coats your hair and leaves it silkily-soft, shiny and optimally-moisturized. It is naturally-rich in vitamins and amino acids which penetrate hair cuticles to repair and rejuvenate your hair from roots to tips. Our unique formula is ever-so light and is quickly absorbed. Even after your very first use, your hair will be ever-so soft and radiant. Color-safe.


The Damage Repair Treatment Oil is made from Shea nut butter, a natural source of keratin, that fundamentally rehabilitates the hair. What it does: The natural keratin coats the hair leaving it soft, flexible and lusterous. What else you need to know: The vitamins and amino acids penetrate the hair follicles and rehabilitate it from root to tip. This unique formula is light weight and absorbs fast.

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