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Professional Salon Facial Steamer w/ Magnifying Lamp


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HD663, facial steamer with mag lamp


The high-end steamer features a durable metal body and a built-in magnifying lens that illuminates and enlarges areas of concern to get a closer look before, during and after the procedure. The facial steamer provides a steady jet of warm steam that gently opens pores to unclog them while rejuvenating tired skin. The steamer also has a UV light that sanitizes the machine and reduces contamination. The rotating spray head offers unparalleled control while the large glass reservoir holds enough water for even the longest sessions. The unit has a built-in timer and independent controls for the steamer.

The steamer has a built-in adjustable-height stand and a 4-arm base with casters. The machine is easy to use, versatile and the perfect addition to any spa or salon.


Magnifying lamp
Vaporizer with timer
Adjustable spray arm
Independent controls for steamer

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