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Majirel Permanent Hair Color 50ml


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NEW Majirel, the iconic professional hair colour in a new eco-responsible and simplified packaging.


Unleash your creativity with MAJIREL ABSOLU and its wide colour palette to answer all women’s needs.


Grey hair are 100% covered and 45% more conditioned thanks to Ionène G™.


Perfectly covers grey hair
Permanent colour. Long lasting rich, deep, intense colour.
Up to 3 levels
Can darken and lighten up to 3 levels
35 min : depending on the service provided by your professional hairdresser, total service time may vary.

– Enriched with Incell™ and Ionène G™ advanced technologies
– Penetrate all 3 levels of the hair to treat the entirety of the hair fiber
– Rich, natural-looking, uniform results
– Core to surface conditioning
– Long-lasting colour with superior resistance to fading
– Smooth and creamy texture for easy mix and application

48g (50ml) |1.7 oz

Additional information

Majirel Permanent Hair Color 50ml

1/1N Black, 3/3N Dark Brown, 3.20/3VVV DM5, 4/4N Brown, 4.0/4NN Deep Brown, 4.3/4G Golden Brown, 4.35/4GRv Golden Mahogany Brown, 4.4 Copper Brown, 4.8/4M, 5/5N Light Brown, 5.0/5NN Deep Light Brown, 5.023/5NVG, 5.07/5NGr, 5.1/5B, 5.18/5BM, 5.23/5VG, 5.3/5G, 5.32/5GV Light Golden Iridescent Brown, 5.35/5GRv Light Golden Mahogany Brown, 5.4/5C Light Copper, 5.8/5M Light Mocha Brown, 6/6N Dark Blonde, 6.0/6NN Deep Dark Blonde, 6.03/6NG Dark Natural Golden Blonde, 6.07/6NGr, 6.1/6B Dark Ash Blonde, 6.13/6BG, 6.23/6VG, 6.3/6G Golden Blonde, 6.32/6GV Dark Golden Iridescent Blonde, 6.34/6GC Dark Golden Copper Blonde, 6.35/6GRv, 6.45/6CRv Mahogany Copper Dark Blonde, 6.46/6CR Carmilane Dark Copper Red Blonde, 6.52 Dark Mahogany Iridescent Blonde, 6.53 Mahogany Golden Brown, 6.8/6M Dark Mocha Blonde, 7/7N Blonde, 7.0/7NNDeep Blonde, 7.01/7NB, 7.03/7NG, 7.1/7B Ash Blonde, 7.12/7BV, 7.13/7BG Beige Blonde, 7.23/7VG Iridescent Golden Blonde, 7.3/7G Golden Blonde, 7.31/7GB Golden Ash Blonde, 7.35/7GRv Golden Mahogany Blonde, 7.4/7C Copper Blonde, 7.43/7CG Copper Golden Blonde, 7.8/7M Mocha Blonde, 8/8N Light Blonde, 8.0/8NN Deep Light Blonde, 8.01/8NB, 8.03/8NG Light Natural Golden Blonde, 8.07/8NGr, 8.1/8B Light Ash Blonde, 8.13/8BG Light Beige Blonde, 8.3/8G Light Golden Blonde, 8.34/8GC Light Golden Copper Blonde, 8.43/8CG Golden Copper Blonde, 8.45/8CRv, 8.8/8M, 9/9N Very Light Blonde, 9.01/9NB, 9.02/9NV, 9.1/9B Very Light Ash Blonde, 9.12/9BV Very Light Ash Iridescent Blonde, 9.13/9BG Very Light Beige Blonde, 9.21/9VB, 9.22/9VV, 9.3/9G Very Light Golden Blonde, 9.31/9GB, 10/10N Lightest Blonde, 10.01/10NB Lightest Ash Blonde, 10.01/10B, 10.21/10VB Lightest Iridescent Ash Blonde, .24/VC Rose Gold, CI 4.1/4B, CI 5.1/5B, CiI6.1/6B, CI 7.1/7B, Ci 8.1/8B, CI 9.1/9B, CI 10.1/10B, CI 6.13/6BG, CI 7.13/7BG, CI 8.13/8BG, CI9.13/9BG, 5.015/5NBRv French Browns, 6.014/6NBC French Browns, 7.015/7NBRv French Browns, 7.035/7NGRv French Browns, 7.041/7NCB French Browns

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