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Angel Grapefruit Thermal Protection Spray 200ml


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 Grapefruit Thermal Protection Spray


Rich in nutrients, contains precious natural vitamin P and C as well as soluble fiber. Able to swiftly replenish nutrients, accelerate absorption and improve the withered, yellow and split ends conditions. Specially added Argan Oil and hydrolyzed wheat protein which prevents thermal damages and various kinds of high temperature styling tools.


Protect up to 240 degrees heat
Added Argan oil and amino acid prevent thermal damage
Enriched with natural vitamins P and C
Supplement nutrients to hair
Accelerate absorption and improves various hair conditions

How to use

Shake bottle well before use. For optimum results, spray directly onto damp hair and blow-dry before ironing. It may also be applied to dry hair before heat application.

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200 ML

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