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BRELIL Colorianne Prestige Mahogany Color 100ml


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A new dye providing flawless color quality and ensuring excellent comfort and hair treatment.

  1. 100% coverage of grey hair
  2. Longer-lasting color
  3. Pure, luminous hair color
  4. Greater hair protection
  5. Close correspondence with the color chart
  6. Made in Italy

Product Description

Colorianne Prestige is the result of the most advanced cosmetic dermatological research which has made it a unique highly performing professional product for Safety, Innovation and Technology.

The innovative formula of Colorianne Prestige’s coloring cream with Hydra Color Complex ensures the utmost respect and safeguard of the hair’s structure. Rich in natural ingredients, including an exclusive re-structuring Hydra Color Complex, making it easy to obtain a natural looking color.

The exclusive use of high quality active ingredients and pigments guarantee uniform colors, intense and brilliant reflexes and a total coverage of grey hair.

Additional information

Prestige Color

1/00 Black, 1/11 Blue Black, 10/00 Ultra-Light Blonde, 10/10 Ultra Light Ash Blonde, 10/21 Ultra Glacial Light Blonde, 10/30 Ultra Light Golden Blonde, 10/32 Ultra Light Beige Blonde, 100/0 Natural Platinum Superlightener, 100/1 Ash Platinum Superlightener, 100/2 Pearl Platinum Superlightener, 100/3 Gold Platinum Superlightener, 100/32 Beige Platinum Superlightener, 11 Blue Enhancer, 3/00 Dark Brown, 33 Golden Enhancer, 4/00 Brown, 4/18 Chocolate Ice Brown, 4/38 Chocolate Brown, 4/50 Mahogany Brown, 4/66 Intense Red Brown, 4/77 Intense Purple Brown, 44 Copper Enhancer, 5/00 Light Brown, 5/18 Chocolate Ice Light Brown, 5/30 Light Golden Brown, 5/34 Copper Gold Light Chestnut, 5/35 Chestnut Light Brown, 5/38 Chocolate Light Brown, 5/40 Copper Light Brown, 5/50 Mahogany Light Brown, 5/64 Copper Red Light Brown, 5/66 Intense Red Light Brown, 5/77 Intense Purple Light brown, 6/00 Dark Blonde, 6/03 Warm Natural Dark Blonde, 6/10 Dark Ash Blonde, 6/18 Chocolate Ice Dark Blonde, 6/21 Glacial Dark Blonde, 6/30 Dark Golden Blonde, 6/34 Copper Gold Dark Blonde, 6/38 Chocolate Dark Blonde, 6/39 Savannah Dark Blonde, 6/40 Copper Dark Blonde, 6/44 Intense Copper Dark Blonde, 6/50 Mahogany Dark Blonde, 6/62 Cherry Red Dark Blonde, 6/66 Intense Red Dark Blonde, 6/77 Intense Purple Dark Blonde, 66 Red Enhancer, 7.03 Warm Natural Blonde, 7/00 Blonde, 7/10 Ash Blonde, 7/12 Moon Sand Blonde, 7/18 Chocolate Ice Blonde, 7/30 Golden Blonde, 7/32 Beige Blonde, 7/34 Copper Gold Blonde, 7/35 Brown Blonde, 7/38 Chocolate Blonde, 7/39 Savannah Blonde, 7/40 Copper Blonde, 7/43 Golden Copper Blonde, 7/44 Intense Copper Blonde, 7/62 Cherry Red Blonde, 7/64 Copper Red Blonde, 7/66 Intense Red Blonde, 7/93 Chestnut Blonde, 77 Purple Enhancer, 8.30 Light Golden Blonde, 8/00 Light Blonde, 8/10 Light Ash Blonde, 8/12 Light Moon Sand Blonde, 8/21 Glacial Light Blonde, 8/32 Light Beige Blonde, 8/38 Chocolate Light Blonde, 8/39 Savannah Light Blonde, 8/40 Copper Light Blonde, 8/43 Golden Copper Light Blonde, 8/93 Chestnut Light Blonde, 9/00 Very Light Blonde, 9/03 Warm Natural Ultra Light Blonde, 9/10 Very Light Ash Blonde, 9/12 Very Light Moon Sand Blonde, 9/30 Very light Golden Blonde, 9/32 Very Light Beige Blonde, 9/39 Savannah Very Light Blonde, 9/93 Chestnut Very Light Blonde

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