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Experience Ultimate Clipper Maintenance with Andis Cool Care

Maintaining your hair clippers is essential to ensure their longevity and optimal performance. Andis Cool Care Plus is a must-have product in every barber or stylist’s
toolkit, designed to keep your clippers in pristine condition. This powerful 5-in-1 formula offers a comprehensive solution for clipper maintenance, cooling, disinfecting, lubricating, and preventing rust, all in one convenient spray.

Andis Cool Care Plus: The Ultimate Clipper Maintenance Solution

Andis Cool Care Plus is specifically formulated to provide an all-encompassing solution for the maintenance of hair clippers. This versatile product not only helps to extend the life of your clippers but also guarantees a hygienic and comfortable grooming experience for both professionals and home users.

Key Benefits:

  • Cooling: After extended use, clippers can become heated and uncomfortable to handle. Andis Cool Care Plus instantly cools down the blades, preventing discomfort and reducing the risk of irritation.
  • Disinfecting: Hygiene is paramount in a salon or barbershop environment. This product effectively disinfects your clippers, eliminating bacteria and germs that can accumulate during use.
  • Lubricating: Proper lubrication is crucial for smooth and efficient clipper performance. Andis Cool Care Plus lubricates the blades, ensuring they operate at their best while reducing friction and wear.
  • Preventing Rust: Exposure to moisture can lead to rust and corrosion, damaging your clippers over time. The rust-prevention properties of Cool Care Plus help to maintain the integrity of your equipment.
  • Refreshing Fragrance: The product leaves behind a pleasant, clean fragrance, enhancing the overall grooming experience for both the stylist and the client


How to Use:

Using Andis Cool Care Plus is a breeze. Simply follow these steps:

  • Turn off the clippers and remove any hair debris.
  • Hold the clippers at a distance and spray the Cool Care Plus directly onto the blades.
  • Wipe away excess product with a clean cloth.
  • Turn on the clippers briefly to distribute the product evenly across the blades.
  • Your clippers are now sanitized, lubricated, and ready for their next use.



Andis Cool Care Plus is the ultimate solution for maintaining the performance, hygiene, and longevity of your hair clippers. With its unique 5-in-1 formula, this product offers an array of benefits that every stylist, barber, and home user can appreciate. By investing in proper clipper maintenance, you’re ensuring that your tools deliver consistent and exceptional results, while also prioritizing the comfort  and satisfaction of your clients. Trust Andis Cool Care Plus to elevate your grooming  experience to the next level.

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