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WAHL Barbering: Creative Clipper Cutting

Let’s face it; clippers can be intimidating if you aren’t using them properly. While trends are fun and should be embraced, fundamentals are the backbone to success. Learning how to use your clipper properly will expand the skills you need to grow your business and save you time, and we all know time = money. Impress your clients by handling your clippers with ease and confidence! class Objectives: • Understanding basic barbering techniques to produce consistent results • Proper clipper maintenance and care to ensure superior performance • How to choose (and handle) the right tool to achieve your vision • The Male Consultation, what do they look for? • Understanding the Classic Clipper Cutting and on scalp fade • Showcasing Razor techniques & lineups (*Stylist must be familiar with use of clippers.) All equipment provided by WAHL DIPLOMA CLASS

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KLERAL SYSTEMS: The Art of Coloring

Why Stylists Should Attend A Color Class - Color classes provide great insight into the theory of hair coloring in the hair industry. Not only will you learn the basic theory, but will also receive a more hands on approach for both mixing and color applications. To add, you will gain specific knowledge of your favorite color lines sold at IStyle Professional. These colors include Prestige by Colorienne, Kleral’s Magicolor and Magic Milk (ammonia free colors). The lessons & techniques learned in our color class will benefit your clients as the result will mirror perfection. Color classes also provide great opportunities to go over commonly asked questions stylist face on a day to day basis. There are some very specific rules that come into play with hair coloring. This page outlines the basic chemistry involved and highlights some of the most critical rules to keep in mind. Knowing where you're starting, where you're going and what to expect along the way is the best way to ensure good results from your color.

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BRELIL Colorienne Prestige Permanent Color


WAHL Barbering 101


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