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Nywele Olive Oil Moisturizing Repair Conditioner 800ml (27.0oz)


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Nywéle’s Olive Moisturizing Repair Conditioner is specially formulated for dehydrated, under-nourished, and damaged hair, this lightweight, easily-rinsed conditioner deeply moisturizes and restores a healthy look to hair. Utilizing the latest in haircare science, our formula contains molecules which mimic natural oils that coat healthy hair. Gentle,  yet luxurious, our formula detangles hair,  leaving it silky-smooth and shiny without weighing hair down. Ideal for hair weakened by overexposure to sun, chemical processing or excessive heat styling.
  • Aids in storing moisture to the hair
  • Contains 100% pure and certified olive oil
  • Detangles, smoothes shines and corrects dry, frizzy hair
  • Super enriched with Vitamin E, antioxidants &  unsaturated essential fatty acids with Omega-6 & Omega-9
  • Ideal for all hair types                                      
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