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Clubman Pinaud Beard And Tattoo Oil 1 Oz


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Beard and Tattoo Oil
Moisturizes – beards and tattoos your skin instantly glows with a difference

Conditions- Unique blend of only the best oils conditions skin,beard.

Rejuvenates – revitalizes skin, beard and tattoos after use


Clubman Pinaud Beard and Tattoo Oil 1 oz

• Unique blend of special oils and conditioners ensures that your beard, tattoo, and skin will look and feel their very best

• Instantly see and feel the difference in your beard

• Helps to give your tattoo more depth; makes the colors look richer, blacks stronger


Do not apply dropper tip directly to skin. Instead, allow 2 to 3 drops to drip on the tattoo area and massage. Before reapplication, allow the oil to dry. May be used as often as desired and can also be applied to dry skin patches, elbows, knees, and other body parts.

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